Angry Protesters In Rome Mocks Joe Biden Outside The American Embassy

Scores of Angry Protesters in Rome Chant “F**k Joe Biden” as They Pass US Embassy.

Protesters in Rome Italy, chant “F$%k Joe Biden” as they march past the American Embassy!
Joe Biden’s popularity overseas on the rise as information spreads of his recent commitment for millions in additional US funding of Taliban on top of the $85 Billion in weapons he already supplied them.

Thousands of protesters demonstrated in central Rome on Saturday against the extension of the Covid-19 health pass system to all workplaces.

There were scuffles with police as the protesters took aim at the health pass, which has been a requirement to enter museums, sporting events and restaurants since August.


Under the health pass system, anyone entering these establishments must also provide a certificate of vaccination, proof of recovery from Covid-19 or a recent negative test result.

Three weeks ago the government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that the scheme would be extended to all places of work from October 15 and any employees refusing to comply would be threatened with suspension without pay.

The passes show that a person has had least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, or recovered from the virus in the last six months, or has tested negative in the last 48 hours.

Italian media reported 10,000 participants, while organizers said they numbered 100,000. Many raised clenched fists or waved Italian flags, shouting “Freedom!” and waving banners that read “Get your hands off [our] work.”

Italy became in September the first country in Europe to make the “green pass” compulsory

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  1. There is an underlying motive happening right under our nose. This has gone to far and as long as we let them they will continue to use this as a way of pushing there agenda. Their agenda? Control. They want to change our way of living. I’m glad I’m old. Once they have control our freedoms will be restricted.

  2. Biden resignation? Biden and Pelosi falsified Obama’s ELIGIBILITY as a dual citizen in 2008. That is high treason, a death sentence by law.

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