Scores of the Afghan nationals gathered outside the White House, shouting slogans such as “Biden you betrayed us”, “Biden you are responsible”. The protesters also decried the Taliban’s actions back home and said Afghanistan’s citizens don’t deserve any of this.

Meanwhile Fewer than 40 percent of likely voters believe Joe Biden is carrying out the duties of the presidency, according to a poll released Friday as the US evacuation of Afghanistan continues to spiral out of control.

The survey from Rasmussen Reports found that just 39 percent of respondents thought that Biden was “doing the job of president,” while 51 percent answered that “others are making decisions” for the 78-year-old, and 10 percent said they were not sure. That represents a drastic drop from a similar poll conducted in March, when the response to that question was evenly divided 47-47.

In addition, over 52 percent of respondents said they were “not confident” that Biden was physically and mentally up to the job of being commander-in-chief, compared to 46 percent who said they were

The phone and online survey of 10,000 likely voters was taken Wednesday and Thursday of this week, after Biden had attempted to defend his decision to pull US combat forces out Afghanistan in an address from the East Room of the White House.

Former US president Donald Trump, meanwhile, blamed his successor for the crisis in Afghanistan and demanded his resignation from the top post. Issuing a statement on Sunday, Trump said it was time for Joe Biden to step down “for what he has allowed to happen in Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in Covid-19, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy Independence, and our crippled economy.”

Taliban fighters declared on Monday that the war in Afghanistan is over after taking over Kabul and later the presidential palace as several countries are racing against time to evacuate their citizens. “Today is a great day for the Afghan people and the mujahideen. They have witnessed the fruits of their efforts and their sacrifices for 20 years,” Taliban spokesperson Mohammad Naeem told Al Jazeera. Calling for peaceful international relations, Naeem said the Taliban did not want to live in isolation, adding “We will not allow anyone to use our lands to target anyone, and we do not want to harm others.”

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